RUSSIAN BATHS – Done And Dead / Rise Again

Russian Baths first appeared on the alternative music scene back in 2016 with a two track release pairing their shoegaze anthem ‘Ambulance’ with the slightly more melodic indie/goth workout ‘Ghost’. It was immediately clear that the Brooklyn based duo were well versed in some great retro sounds, since the tracks conveyed a massive love for Jesus & Mary Chain, as well as slightly more melodic 4AD fare like Cranes and Slowdive. They were the kind of band that older indie fans could take to heart with immediate effect, but although their sounds drew strong links with a shoegaze past, they also seemed like a band who – much like A Place To Bury Strangers – would be able to take such heavily distorted drones seem wholly relevant in the present.

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Russian Baths share new track ‘Parasite’

US noise rockers Russian Baths have issued a new digital single this week.  Entitled ‘Parasite’, the new track cranks up the guitars in a way that recycles a love for old arty, shoegaze inflected noise.

It’s overall feel should appeal to those who loved My Bloody Valentine in the early 90s and have more recently fallen for the charms of the more melodic end of A Place To Bury Strangers’ distortion drenched output.

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