THE RIGHT HERE – Reckless Kind / Molly

They aren’t especially well known in the UK, but The Right Here have been releasing enjoyable rootsy rock records since 2012. Capturing a sound that falls somewhere between Springsteen, The Gaslight Anthem and Nato Coles, the blue collar grubbiness within their work is laid on pretty thickly, but their gifts for knocking out riffs and hugely broad melodies makes their work widely appealing.

Their 2021 release ‘Northern Town’ was picked up for distribution by Rum Bar Records, placing the band in great company alongside Nato Coles, Watts and Nat Freedberg, A well rounded record, it placed the Soul Asylum-esque ‘Buy Me Another Round’ and ‘Every Once In A While’ alongside the punkier ‘Good Luck Trying’ and the countryfied ‘Drinks & A Dress’, giving the album a varied yet consistent heart.

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The Right Here release new video commemorating closure of the Triple Rock Club

Mineappolis rockers The Right Here pay tribute to one of their favourite local venues in the new video for their single ‘Judge Me When I’m Sober’.  The intimate and worn-in setting provides a great backdrop for the track, since the band come across like a hybrid of The Replacements and Gaslight Anthem, combined with the roughest edge of the much missed Uncle Tupelo.

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