Keep ’em Peeled: Six of The Best For ’24

2023 was a great year for Real Gone. Over the course of the twelve months, we covered a record number of new bands, and our inbox of submissions was never less than full. Naturally, we found a lot of new music to enjoy, but a few acts really stood out. In this feature, we’ve earmarked a few emerging talents that we feel will go on to even better things in 2024. If you’ve been paying attention, chances are, a couple of these names are familiar to you already, but if not, it’s time to get on board (semi) early. Here are Real Gone’s top picks to become even bigger successes this year!


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REDBUD – Long Night EP

Texan indie pop band Redbud began releasing music via Bandcamp during the lockdown of 2020, and it was immediately clear that their sound had something special. Their early digital singles ‘To The Moon’ and ‘Opal’ conveyed elements of retro dream pop and light psych-tinged Americana in a way that felt both familiar and fresh – an oxymoron if ever there were – and vocalist Katie Claghorn’s hazy and ethereal vocal style had an immediate appeal.

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