Stream: The Ghost Of Indie Top 20 (A Real Gone Playlist)

Back in the 90s, a series of compilation albums called ‘Indie Top 20’ provided exciting listening for a generation of NME readers.  The series of cassettes (and latterly CDs) brought together 20 indie hits and underground bangers of the day, providing what would become an important time capsule for future generations.

The compilers were unafraid to pitch the era’s heavyweights Pop Will Eat Itself and Carter USM against the then up and coming Sleeper and Salad; it also gave a huge platform to bands that now seem too often forgotten, like Tiny Monroe and 18 Wheeler.  Whatever appeared, fans absorbed like sponges.  Those compilations were often responsible for creating cast iron favourites.

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Listen: Fightmilk release new single ‘If You Had A Sister’

Over the past few years, a clutch of great indie bands emerged that took influence from the 90s far more than most.  A few real standouts, The Daysleepers sounded as if they’d been raised on a steady diet of The Cure circa 1990, while the brilliant Muncie Girls and Adult Magic would have been right at home on an Indie Top 20 cassette.

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Indie label Reckless Yes announces membership club for 2020

Reckless Yes is an independent label which, in their own words, sets out with a “focus on working ethically with artists”.  In the past, they’ve released limited edition vinyl singles by Bivouac and Mower and their current roster includes Bluetones man Mark Morriss and relative newcomers, Fightmilk.

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