Watch: Isildurs Bane with Steve Hogarth – Live @ Kulturhuset, Sweden 2016

Swedish prog band Isildurs Bane formed in 1976.  They’ve recorded a string of albums, but their 2016 collaboration with Steve Hogarth really helped to bring them to a new audience.  Their work, ‘Colours Not Found In Nature’ was given a live premier in November that year.  A studio recording of the same name appeared in 2017.

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RADIOHEAD – Live @ Lollapalooza 2016

Few bands have made such a dramatic musical turn as Radiohead between the release of their second album ‘The Bends’ and third album ‘OK Computer’.  With ‘OK Computer’  Radiohead continued on a path of musical adventurousness and in looking to move forwards, they looked backwards in terms of influences.  Instead of drawing from other indie and alternative sources, the album drew heavily from prog rock experimentation and made the band heroes to many fans of 70s experimental sounds.

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Watch: Led Zeppelin – Live @ Knebworth 11th August 1979

For a band that only existed during an era when filming concerts was both cumbersome and expensive, there is a fair amount of Led Zeppelin footage in the archives.  For years, all fans had to enjoy was the 1973 Madison Square Gardens material from the ‘Houses of The Holy’ tour – footage that Jimmy Page famously dislikes.

It felt like a minor miracle when, in 1989, the BBC showed footage of Zep in Denmark promoting their debut album.  The small stage, no frills show was a world away from the giant colossus Zep would become just three years later, but was no less thrilling.

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