Listen: Without Whom – Tunes For David Horton

During Real Gone’s first decade, our website managed to pick up a lot of supporters.  From keen music fans, to labels and bands who loved what we did, every year seemed to gain momentum.  Among it all, between the famous bands, the DIY artists and labels, there had been an unsung hero.

David Horton, a keen music fan from the US, supported our site from somewhere close to the very beginning.  At a time when we wrote articles about albums we felt were overlooked and threw in the odd review for a new release, at a time when we only had support from a handful of regulars, David was there.

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Moon Glass HouseIf ‘Free To a Good Home’ showed Francie Moon’s craft at its rawest – seven demo recordings of unreleased tunes – the ‘Glass House EP’ provides the perfect counterpart with four more polished recordings showing off the subtler side to her work.  On this, Moon’s third release of 2014, the idea of subtle is relative; even in a setting that sounds far less “live” than before, she insists on drenching almost everything with a cloud of distortion.  This, of course, is not necessarily a bad thing.

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FRANCIE MOON – Free To A Good Home

FM1Following a self-released digital EP in 2013 and split cassette with Darkwing in the first half of 2014, ‘Free To a Good Home’ brings more previously unreleased music from New Jersey’s Francie Moon (aka Melissa Lucciola).  Released to tie in with a summer tour – and acting as a stopgap before the appearance of ‘Glass House’, a studio recorded four track 7” – its seven recordings are very DIY in origin, but there are still times where they provide an excellent example of the performer’s talents.

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