REAL GONE SESSIONS: Mick Terry – Big Sur

It took Mick Terry a very long time to record and release his second album ‘Days Go By’.  The record started to take early form just a year after his 2010 debut ‘The Grown Ups’ and a couple of songs – ‘Pop’s A Dirty Word’ and ‘Riverbend’ – appeared online in early versions around that time.

The final record, though, seemed to have a tricky birth.  Real life got in the way.  Having a Transatlantic producer and differing time zones didn’t help.  Eventually making its way into the world about five years later than planned, ‘Days Go By’ was worth waiting for.  Each one of its tracks resembled a classically retro pop nugget; a musical love letter to AM radio artists like Andrew Gold and 10cc.

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Real Gone Sessions #1: Kurt Baker – Turn It Around

When the Kurt Baker Combo recorded their ‘Let’s Go Wild!’ album in 2018, they found themselves with material that didn’t make the final cut.  One of the unused songs, ‘Turn It Around’ is a brilliant power pop number, pretty much as good as anything the KBC have ever recorded.  It’s so good, it’s actually better than a few of the tracks that ended up on the LP.

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