PARASITES / LONE WOLF – Passport Split Series Vol. 4 EP

Approximately eighteen months after releasing two new songs on a split EP with the Raging Nathans, Chicago pop-punk legends Parasites gave fans yet more previously unreleased material in February 2020 as part a split with Dutch punks Lone Wolf. At the time of release, it started to feel like an eternity since the world last saw a new full length disc from Dave Parasite – his preference for releasing a couple of new songs every couple of years certainly keeps the fans ever hoping – but any new music is welcome, especially with one of the tracks from ‘Passport Split Series Vol. 4’ approaching somewhere near top-drawer Parasites.

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The Radio Buzzkills’ 2016 EP ‘The Quick & The Cheap’ was so named for very good reason. It contained some fun material and wore a love of Screeching Weasel shamelessly upon its sleeve in places, but as punk releases go, it was indeed created on the cheap…and very quickly. Everyone has to have something from which they can build, though, and the release and the band caught the attention of the legendary Dave Parasite who agreed to produce their next full length.

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Four Chords & Twenty Seven Weasels: Real Gone meets The Radio Buzzkills

You’ve probably not heard of The Radio Buzzkills.  Chances are, even if you’re a big punk fan, the band have still slipped under your radar.  In 2017, the St Louis based band celebrated their fifteenth anniversary and they also achieved a career high point when they shared a stage with one of their all time heroes.  In January, they stopped by at Real Gone to tell us all about that soon-to-be legendary gig…and more besides.


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