SINNER’S BLOOD – The Mirror Star

A new band for 2020, Sinner’s Blood have similarities to Russell Allen’s Level 10 and Jeff Scott Soto’s SOTO project in that their material has a genuine heaviness, but the majority of songs on their debut release ‘The Mirror Star’ also have unashamedly huge choruses. At their best, those choruses will invite you to sing along, but with frontman James Robledo often sounding like South America’s answer to Jorn Lande or Russell Allen, there’s every chance that singing at those volumes will cause untold damage – if not to yourself, at least to your immediate neighbours.

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Featuring previously unreleased material from four Chilean bands, the bulk of the material on ‘4Ways To Die’ would possibly seem fairly ordinary if approached individually. However, by taking bands that each approach a doom and blackened doom riffs in a different ways and placing their DIY works together, for doom metal buffs, this compilation could be the mother of all split releases.

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Watch ‘Club Hawaii’, a new live video from prog band Aisles

Aisles have been generating excitement among the prog rock community for a few years now, but their current album ‘Hawaii’ has seen the Chilean band gaining more press than ever. Given the level of musicianship and complexities found within the album, it’s hardly surprising.

A world away from the usual Genesis and Yes wannabes, Aisles genuinely absorb all kinds of influences into their work. The album has been promoted through a series of live videos already, but they’ve just unleashed a reasonably lengthy clip for ‘Club Hawaii’, which you can watch in full below.

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Take a trip to ‘Hawaii’ with Clilean shoegazers MAFF

They’ve been away for a while, but Chilean shoegaze sensations MAFF are back with a new EP ‘Melañiña’, which releases in April.

Before the full release, you can check out two of the new songs on Soundcloud, including the new digital single ‘Hawaii’, which absolutely destroys by a way of a heavy and pulsing bass, before the whole track explodes into a world of 90s distortion culling the very best from Catherine Wheel and My Bloody Valentine.

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UNUSUAL USELESS – And You Shall Use Less

unusual uselessUnusual Useless bill themselves as an “Unusual Chilean Band”, which seems quite fitting, since they’re a band not so easy to pigeonhole and they’re a band who have no clear idea of their own musical identity. That would be cool, if like some, they managed to push boundaries with their art. As it is, on their 2015 release ‘And You Shall Use Less’, they start out as a jangly indie rock outfit, but it’s not long before they give up on that and wheel out the ukuleles and hammer us with twee pop-folk that’s, in the main, so poorly formed you’ll have to wonder who’d want to even listen. Being in a band should be fun, and sometimes it’s clear they’ve got that right, but the twelve tracks that form this LP are by and large a genuine chore to listen to. As such, Unusual Useless all too often come across as an unprofessional mess.

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