Listen: Looking Glass War present a new track ‘See You In Hell, Liberty Bell’

Looking Glass War released the enjoyable ‘Where Neon Meets The Rain’ EP in 2023, introducing people to their blend of gothic rock, alternative sounds and dark pop-ish vibes. ‘See You In Hell, Liberty Bell’ marks a welcome return for the Boston band, and on this track, they sound more inspired than ever.

The first in a planned series of singles for 2024, this number shows off the more melodic side of the band. Despite opening with a pointed guitar riff that hints at an old school UK punk influence, the single quickly slides into a punchy, bass oriented goth-pop arrangement which sounds like something that would have suited Billy Idol circa 1987. Then, when the chorus hits, the band changes the mood yet again, introducing a few lighter influences from a melodic rock pool, which allows a great vocal – already far more restrained than on the previous EP – plenty of room to approach a very 90s sounding hook. With one of the band’s best vocals to date and a pleasingly bright guitar sound, this track has a solid core, but the way they use those elements to keep everything buoyant really makes the track.

Originally takes a back seat, but in terms of bringing all of this band’s enjoyable elements together, ‘…Liberty Bell’ does a near flawless job, and this track shows a huge leap forward for Looking Glass War in terms of both slickness and accessible hooks.

Take a listen below.