Watch: KMFDM share new video for ‘Airhead’ ahead of new album

On the heels of previous single ‘Let Go’, KMFDM ramp up the promotion for their forthcoming album with another new track, ‘Airhead’.

A hugely commercial offering, the single latches onto a mid tempo, loads up the dense sounding alt-pop riffs, and ends up sounding like Lucia Cifarelli paying tribute to a couple of old Garbage classics. It’s the kind of single that reminds everyone that – like all bands – KMFDM have a comfort zone, but they’re never afraid to break out of it if the right muse calls. ‘Airhead’s melodic heart and flowing vocal may well be half a world away from the band’s roots, but it has a huge, nostalgic feel that deserves to pull in new ears.

Between this pop driven number and the disco undertones of previous single ‘Let Go’, it might seem as if the new album is a massively commercial work, but fans will be pleased to know these (admittedly excellent) singles are joined by some top tier industrial rockers, a couple of abrasive pieces and even a brilliant excursion into dub, casting a spotlight on some rather excellent bass work from main man Sasha Konietzko.

‘Let Go’ – the album – is released this coming Friday, 2nd February.
In the meantime, check out the video for the excellent ‘Airhead’ below.