Listen: Disconnected Souls share synth heavy version of ‘Last Christmas’

There are various things synonymous with the festive season, not least of all everyone’s favourite Wham! tune, ‘Last Christmas’. But, this Christmas, Disconnected Souls have chosen to ensure you’ll never hear George and Andrew in the same way ever again.

For this inventive take on the perennial favourite, the underground band have decided to give it a much darker flavour. In keeping with their own work, the music has adopted a wall of heavy, darkwave synths to lend a pleasingly oppressive air which works very well when set beneath a slightly mornful vocal. Trading in the male vocal for a female voice along the way gives the already epic tune a sort of yin/yang quality, but there’s still something brilliantly uneasy about Holly Royle’s delivery. Then, just as you think Disconnected Souls have no more to give, they wheel out some heavy as hell beats which share their interest with hard electronica and EDM. before topping everything with unsettling pitch adjusted voices.

Having already covered ‘Walking In The Air’ and Chris de Burgh’s ‘A Spaceman Came Travelling’, Disconnected Souls are no strangers to the Christmas single, but this might just be their darkest offering yet.

Take a listen below.