Watch the new video from The Fierce And The Dead

The Fierce And The Dead’s upcoming album, ‘News From The Invisible World’, marks a massive musical shift for the band. Their riff based skills are still very much evident, but on their fourth full length release, they’ve augmented their chunky sound with a full array of vocals.

As you’d expect, this results in a varied listen, but when it works, it really works. An album highlight, ‘Shake The Jar’ has heavier moments which call back to bits of ‘The Euphoric’ via some great guitar interplay from Matt Stevens and Steve Cleaton; the occasional reflective interludes fall heavily on the increased use of synths, which sound great swirling beneath Matt’s intricate playing. The push and pull between both is a perfect snapshot of the band’s desire to blend their heavy post-rock with actual songs. In terms of musical reference points, its got a lot of its own identity, but occasional nods to Blur’s noisier self-titled album and Queens of The Stone Age almost certainly factor in this musical menagerie. For those unsure of how the “new” vocal infused Fierce/Dead might sound, this should allay any fears.

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‘News From The Invisible World’ is released on 28th July. You can pre-order it here.