Watch ‘Nightshift’, the new video from Bruce Springsteen

Considering how Bruce Springsteen has long been a devotee of the music from Phil Spector’s stable and many of his deeper album cuts convey the sounds of Detroit via their horns and storytelling, he’s taken a long time to get around to recording an album of soul covers. Perhaps that has much to do with him being a prolific songwriter himself – Bruce has effectively shelved albums and albums worth of material that many artists would consider top tier work – meaning that recording other peoples’ songs has never seemed like a priority.

Fans will finally experience Bruce in full, soulful mode on the album ‘Only The Strong Survive’ on November 11th. First, he presents the second single from the release. Following on from his storming cover of ‘Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)’ sounding very much like something that could have slotted nicely into any of the E Street Band’s late 70s gigs, Springsteen presents a respectful take of The Commodores’ ‘Nightshift’. As you might expect, the tune’s mournful edge is suited to The Boss and his best mumble, whilst musically, he transposes the tune to make it sound more like a distant cousin to his own ‘Streets of Philadelphia’ or ‘Secret Garden’ without losing the spirit of the original take.

Watch the full video below.
Buy the new album here: Bruce Springsteen – Only The Strong Survive