Watch the new video from Sum of Seven

Finnish prog metallers Sonus Corona rebranded themselves as Sum of Seven in 2021. This new beginning brings great promise, and their current single ‘Voices’ presents a great mix of melody and power which, coupled with a well filmed video clip, certainly deserves to bring them to a wider audience.

Right from its huge opening, there’s a greater sense of both melody and accessibility compared to various other Euro prog metal and power metal acts, and the use of harmonic guitar sounds quickly catches the ear despite being attached to a more “typical” prog time signature. Despite a strong beginning, this number really comes alive once Sum of Seven scale everything back to reveal bright, tinkling keyboard sounds that hark back to classic works by Enchant, before increasing the volume to drive an equally strong chorus, allowing vocalist Marko Loukamaa to soar.

Regarding the visuals, in an increasing world of quick and cheap lyric videos, it’s a pleasure to see a band “face to face”, and the clip’s washed out colours really draw attention to their Scandinavian roots. The full clip can be streamed below, and Sum of Seven can be found on Bandcamp here.