Dany Laj to release ‘Retrospectacle’ comp in January; watch the video for ‘Left Right To One’ now

Get ready to begin the new year with a great soundtrack!

You might not know their name, but Canadian power poppers Dany Laj and The Looks released one of 2021’s finest albums. Their ‘Ten Easy Pieces’ came loaded with massive retro hooks, chiming guitars and a world of fun harmonies that reinforced a very natural style. Even with Dany reaching for a few uncomfortable high notes in places, the record screamed power pop cool, and its lead single ‘Don’t Keep Me Guessin‘ was easily one of the catchiest things to emerge from across the Atlantic since Kurt Baker gave the world his ‘Brand New Beat‘ LP all the way back in 2012.

Here’s some great news for those who only discovered The Looks via that record. January is set to bring a new year treat with ‘Retrospectacle’, a fourteen track compilation of earlier recordings.  It’ll give new listeners and old fans the chance to marvel at the crashy early 80s inspired sounds of ‘Mr. Screaming Attitude’, enjoy the swagger of the harder edged ‘Your Lips’ and even venture further back with the semi-punky ‘Best Thing In Town’.  It’s the kind of disc that brings everyone up to speed with a genuine ease, with well chosen cuts that show off most of the band’s musical moods without ever feeling padded out or self-important.

As a primer, the band have returned to 2018 and issued their ‘Left Right To One’ single as an early download. It’s a great track, though not necessarily the best tune awaiting new ears, which says so much about how good this collection is. The accompanying low budget video clip (streaming below) featuring core members Dany Laj and Jeanette Dowling working out ways to get out on tour is really fun, and will certainly tick boxes for any spectacle and/or sideburn fetishists.

‘Retrospectacle’ releases via Rum Bar Records on January 14th 2022 and can be pre-ordered from Bandcamp here.  You can also find a full review of ‘Ten Easy Pieces’ here.

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