Watch: Metallica – Live @ Slane Castle, Meath, Ireland 6/8/2019

In the summer of 2019, massive gigs were commonplace, to the point of almost being taken for granted. Aside from the scientists who’d warned that a global pandemic might be a possibility in the near future – a warning that fell on governments’ deaf ears – people weren’t concerned about any health related disasters.

Metallica had reached the British Isles on the European leg of their ‘Hardwired’ tour and were delivering their typically lengthy set. Various shows were filmed for posterity, but their stopover in Ireland is potentially the most interesting, with the band surrounded by the historic grounds of Slane Castle.

The set is somewhat typical of the broader tour in that it doesn’t shy away from new material – sometimes at the expense of pre-‘And Justice For All’ songs – but Metallica appear to be having a good time.  High points of this particular show include the evergreen ‘Seek & Destroy’ and a very chunky ‘Sad But True’, whilst the worst – a terrible ‘Whisky In The Jar’ (claimed to be the best cover version of all time by one commenter; he couldn’t be more wrong) – acts as a reminder of how Metallica’s self-belief can backfire.

Hits and misses, warts and all… Settle down for a the full bells and whistles with James and co from a much easier going time.