Watch: Marillion – Live In Zurich, November 1984

In September 2021, Marillion will continue their reissue programme with a multi-disc version of 1984’s ‘Fugazi’. Something of a fan favourite, this second album saw a huge leap in musical confidence – something certainly helped by the arrival of drummer Ian Mosley – and take a much darker lyrical slant. Despite not having much commercial potential, at least on the face of things, the album became a top ten smash in the UK and even scored the band two top 40 singles and their first appearance on Top of The Pops.

The new box set offers fans some unreleased live audio, but unfortunately, lacks any previously unavailable live footage, despite two pro-shot gigs in circulation. A set from Chippenham Goldiggers in March was filmed by the BBC for their Sight & Sound series (watch that show here). By November ’84, the band were still on the road and a full show in Zurich was captured for Euro TV broadcast.

Like the Chippenham show, the Zurich set still hasn’t appeared on DVD and its absence from the ‘Fugazi’ box means that it likely never will.

You can watch the whole set below. Aside from being uploaded in slightly the wrong ratio, the source material is in excellent picture and sound quality.