Primus – Live At The Enmore Theatre, Sydney, 28/2/2011

No matter which line up or era, Primus can usually be relied upon for a great show. Les Claypool’s complex bass skills are almost unparalleled and the band’s fusion of hard funk, angular art rock and weird atonal jazz has continued to enthral a legion of fans.

Despite their legendary place in the alt-rock world, there still aren’t that many live shows available on DVD, but luckily, there are fans who’ve documented some great performances over the years. This near two hour set, from the Australian leg of the ‘Green Naugahide’ tour is pretty special. A multi-camera set up affords the show the quality of an official release, despite a few of the crowd shots seeming a little cluttered and some of the visuals being slightly dark.

The set list is amazing, mixing old favourites with a selection of newer tunes. Highlights include the first performance of ‘Eyes of The Squirrel’ and a particularly tight ‘Those Damned Blue Collar Tweekers’.