Watch: Radiohead Live In Pittsburgh 2018 (full show)

During the first UK pandemic lockdown of 2020, much to the delight of fans, Radiohead explored their archives and uploaded various professionally shot live shows to YouTube for free. It was an interesting document of shows we may not have been given access to in a “normal world”.

Here’s something a little different. This fan filmed show from the ‘Moon Shaped Pool’ was captured somewhere from the third or fourth row, and despite the occasional wobble, the hastily grabbed footage is very good indeed. It certainly gives the vibe of being there in a prime position better than a huge multi-camera set up. Also, considering the source, the audio is very good; even without a handy tracklisting as a guide, it’s often clear what’s being played. Despite the set being light on material from the first three albums, the two hour journey offers plenty of interest for the bigger fan, with a few choice picks from the then new LP sitting comfortably alongside fan favourites like ‘National Anthem’.