Grab a free album length download from prog legends Twelfth Night

Of the many great bands that formed the 80s prog rock revival, Marillion, IQ and Twelfth Night are arguably the most loved.  Twelfth Night might not have had quite the same levels of commercial success as some of their peers, but throughout their career, they were unafraid to progress.  From the early years playing huge instrumental jams, through the classic prog sounds of 1982’s ‘Fact & Fiction’ album, to the pop oriented Virgin Records years, their catalogue always brought something of interest.

The band’s name has been kept alive through sporadic reunions, live shows and many great archive releases, but here’s something of interest to everyone, whether a massive TN fan or first time listener looking to catch up.

‘All You Can Eat’ is a FREE DOWNLOAD compiled by Brian Devoil and Mark Hughes, celebrating the Twelfth Night family tree.  Bringing together live and studio tracks, current solo projects, a couple of classics and even an unreleased Twelfth Night track for the die hard fan and collector.  It could well be the Ben-Hur of freebies!

To grab your free download, visit the Twelfth Night Bandcamp page here: