Listen: Melodic death metal band Dystopia A.D. share new track ‘Plaguebringers’

In terms of extreme metal, Dystopia A.D. are a little more interesting than most.  The riff-heavy, New Jersey duo are keen to take death and thrash metal sounds into new territory on their current single ‘Plaguebringers’.

The lead track from their forthcoming album ‘Rise of The Merciless’ has all of the typical traits you’d expect:  a few pneumatics and a growling death metal infused vocal that even stretches into black metal huskiness is set against array of heavy riffs – often sounding inspired by classic Sepultura tunes from the late 80s.  In terms of “genre”, it instantly sounds great.

For those looking for more, the new track even takes a dive into moody progressive metal along the way and drops in a saxophone solo where most would choose a vibrato-fuelled guitar line.

There’s so much to love here.  …And with the band claiming “each track will be an adventure” on the forthcoming album, it seems as if metal fans will soon get even more of an aural treat when ‘Rise of The Merciless’ is released on 31st July.

In the meantime, take a listen to ‘Plaguebringers’ below.