Check out ‘Forked Road’, a new track from Japanese fuzz/sludge/doom duo BlackLab

BlackLab’s 2018 album ‘Under Strawberry Moons’ really pushed the limits of how much noise a duo could make.  Their long-awaited follow up, ‘Abyss’ (due for release digitally on 8th April) presents the band in an even noisier frame of mind, if anything, sharing heavy riffs that are so distorted that you might even believe your speakers have blown.

For lovers of noise rock, sludge riffs and insanely fuzzy grooves, ‘Abyss’ is a genuine treat.  Real Gone will be sharing a full review of the album shortly, but in the meantime, you can get a great taster of the duo’s new material via ‘Forked Road’, their new video single.

Somewhere between a collage and lyric video, the clip for ‘Forked Road’ can be seen in full below.  If you’re one of those people who actually enjoys the lyric video phenomenon, at least this one’s half-way interesting.  If not, set aside three minutes of your day anyway – the music is what’s most important…and these massive riffs do not disappoint.