Listen: Dead Man’s Chest stream new 7″

At the time of this two track release, it’s almost been a decade since Dead Man’s Chest released their first full length album ‘Hateline’. In that time, the London-based purveyors of noise have played hard and toured even harder, sharing stages with the legendary Sick of It All, Madball and a whole host of great hardcore bands.

The lead track from this single, ‘Dear God’ presents the band in a more visceral mood than ever. The sound you’ve always associated with Dead Man’s Chest is there, but so much more forceful than before. The downtuned crunch is a veritable sledgehammer of a sound, blending the anger of Hatebreed with the metal force of classic Machine Head, circa ‘Burn My Eyes. With a vocal that’s often a guttural roar that gives everything even more intensity, ‘Dear God’ has all the makings of a hardcore/crossover classic.

On the flip, the downtuned speed-driven chug from Kay and Hamish’s guitars goes into overdrive as a riff emerges that fuses the hardcore sound of Madball with the groove metal assaults of I Am The Law. Just when you think DMC might have gone all-out metal, the hardcore punk elements begin to burst through on a section that sounds more attuned to a sweaty circle pit. Finally, a world of pneumatic drums, juddering bass and jagged guitar work adds something of a hardcore metal slant, but in doing so, shows how Dead Man’s Chest’s crossover potential might just be bigger than ever.

They’re definitely a band to watch out for throughout 2020. In the meantime, you can stream both tracks from the 7” release below.

February 2020