Watch: Night Goat unveil new video for ‘The Greys’

As you’d expect from a group of musicians naming themselves after a Melvins song, Night Goat worship the sludgier elements of the rock and metal spectrum.  The Ohio-based noise-makers started to create a stir with their second release, ‘Milk’, at the close of 2019, but are ready to face 2020 square on, escalating the promotion for the new record with a brand new video clip.

With an onslaught of bright colours and almost futuristic flair, the visuals for ‘The Greys’  seems at odds with the muddy sounds and half buried vocals, at least at first.  As things unfold, the darker and surrealist edges more than compliment the band’s heavy sounds. They really are a band to watch for in the new year.

The full video clip can be watched below.   The ‘Milk’ album can be streamed/purchased from Bandcamp here.