Watch: Northern Ireland’s Paper Tigers unveil new video

Paper Tigers’ debut single ‘Gucci Smiles’ is a monster. In a little over three minutes, the Northern Irish rockers unveil a range of great hard rock sounds. Between a hard driving verse where the drums come with a near relentless attack, through to a massive chorus where melodies are at the forefront, the band seem to constantly pull between aggression and melody.

This results in a superb listen that should appeal to fans of a tough and contemporary rock sound as well as those that favour something with a more melodic and almost bluesy edge. While the music is consistently great, the real draw here is vocalist Hayley, whose performance has a very natural power throughout. In terms of new voices, she sounds like the most assured performer since Chess Smith broke through with Salvation Jayne in 2007.

‘Gucci Smiles’ is available on all streaming platforms and as a digital download from the usual sources. You can check out the new video below.