Check out the new video from UK thrash legends Onslaught

Having released their last studio album in 2013, it’s been a while since the world had any brand new material from Onslaught, but now the UK thrash metal legends are back with a new single.

According to guitarist Nige, the new single ‘A Perfect Day To Die’ is a tribute to Motorhead, a band who’d been an influence on Onslaught right from the beginning and you can certainly hear that in the track’s aggressive bass work.¬† ¬†With Saxon producer Pete Hinton in the producer’s chair, there are also ties to the energies of the NWOBHM, giving Onslaught the kind of energy you’d hope they’d still deliver into an on/off career spanning almost forty years.

Before news of a new album is announced you can check out the new video below: