Grapefruit Records pre-Xmas sale! Lots of psych and quirky 60s music at knock-down prices!

As part of Cherry Red’s pre-Xmas sale extravaganza, Grapefruit Records (their psychedelic arm) are offering various anthologies and box sets at knock-down prices for a strictly limited time.

This is a golden opportunity for those who love the nooks and crannies of British psych and pop-sike to explore various semi recent releases at bargain prices.

Among the items offered in the sale are the three excellent box sets covering various obscurities from the British psych scene from 1967-69  [Various thoughts on the 1969 box set can be found here.]

Also included are anthologies of Tales of Justine, ‘Love, Poetry & Revolution’ – an excellent 3CD anthology delving into the British underground between 1966-72, a complete Kaleidoscope box set and a curious anthology containing the complete works of Manchester’s Hot Legs.  [Further discussion of Hot Legs can be found here.]

There are other essentials and oddities discounted… The full sale can be found at the link below: