Killing Joke to celebrate 40th anniversary with expansive vinyl & CD box sets; tour dates

The legendary Killing Joke will celebrate their fortieth anniversary this year. As with most other things they’ve approached, the anniversary isn’t being dealt with in a half-hearted manner.

There are a run of live dates, but perhaps just as exciting is the planned release of a career spanning box set, ‘Laugh At Your Peril’, available in both LP and CD formats and containing a world’s worth of bonus tracks.

The track listing for the box set can be found here:

The tour dates and other details can be found in the full press release below.


Killing Joke
Laugh At Your Peril 
40th Anniversary World Tour 
& Ltd edition career defining Box Set
Gatherers of the World, Killing Joke are delighted to announce their 40th anniversary World tour, Laugh At Your Peril.
To celebrate this extensive and ambitious tour, Killing Joke announce the release of the career spanning strictly limited edition flight case, which includes: 16 coloured double vinyls, a set of headphones, a signed lyric book and assorted pieces of art. The collection will also be available on CD.
Forty years ago this summer I met Big Paul, one year later we released our first EP. Our fortieth anniversary celebrations will therefore be stretched over 2 years and begins with a world tour, parties and talks by Youth and myself, a new magnum opus by KJ, who is ,after all this time, recognised as one of the most innovative and influential bands of all time. Love is the law let the festivities begin!!! “ Jaz.
“Forty years in the wilderness …Thought that was supposed to be 40 days.
As Jaz reminds me “Survival is success” and although the band have never been fiscally fat commercially, it has allowed us to have incredible lives, both individually and collectively and we have created a very rich wealth of uncompromising music. It’s a  legacy, that spans 4 decades ….40 years of spine tingling, uncompromising beautiful noise.
The band continue to inspire and bludgeon down the bullshit in the world into a white hot, blast furnace Dub of unrelenting passion, a rollercoaster, white knuckle punch in the face of beautiful agony/reality and timeless cosmic joy and soul. 
To commit to the creative beauty and vision you have as an artist, is an almost perverse way to live a life and the cost and consequences are immense…yet this is how we inform ourselves as a society,  of what is real and important In a world of fake news and fake emotions …Like Shiva dancing the world into existence,  we are all simultaneously destroying and creating every moment of our reality . It is not though politics that the world is changed but through Art. Art alone can tell us who we really are, emotionally, intellectually and physically, far better than anything else. That is why we have committed so much, for so long to this one idea …Killing Joke 
Thanks to all the fans and gatherers that have supported and joined us in this endless quest.” Youth.
Killing Joke will start the tour in the United States at the Studio Seven in Seattle on Saturday, 1st September before heading into mainland Europe. This run of 45 shows concludes at the Roundhouse in London on Saturday, 17th November.
Very much music as ritual – raw, uncompromising and precisely-targeted lyrically; Jaz ColemanGeordieYouth & Big Paul, the original Killing Joke personnel, are currently delivering the best and most relevant material of their career, with no mellowing or softening of the edges getting in the way.


With collective nostrils flared and righteous anger carried torch-high, Killing Joke continue to take their music of resistance to fresh levels, both in the studio and out on the road…
The 40th Anniversary Vinyl Box Set 
Beautifully presented, this strictly limited edition flight case will contain 16 coloured double vinyls, a set of headphones, a signed lyric book and assorted pieces of art.
The 15 studio albums with bonus tracks and the extra content bonus album,  are all on individually coloured vinyl in new designed “stamp” sleeves.
The bonus tracks include unreleased material and alternate mixes plus 8 new tracks never released in any format.
Vinyl box set contents in full:
16 double vinyl albums in single sleeves.
One lyric book.
One set of headphones.
Five 30cm x 30cm art prints.
One 10 x 8 photo of the couple on the beach.
Two A4 flyers (Acklam Hall and Clarendon)
Five A2 posters (Wardance, Turn To Red, Pope, What’s THIS for…!, current tour poster)
Five A3 posters (Pandemonium, Red version of first album, Pylon, the album stamp images, plus one of a J Cauty image).
One set of 6 postcards (images supplied by Youth).
One certificate of authenticity.
The 40th Anniversary CD Box Set 
This will feature 16 double CDs in mini gatefold packs with printed inners will be hosted in a specially designed box.
To pre-order The 40th Anniversary Box Sets on Vinyl  and CD :
Laugh At Your Peril World tour dates 2018
Sat 1st Studio Seven, Seattle WA  U.S.
Sun 2nd Star Theater, Portland OR  U.S.
Tue 4th DNA Lounge, San Francisco CA  U.S.
Wed 5th Regent Theater, Los Angeles CA U.S.
Fri 7th Oriental Theater, Denver CO U.S.
Sun 9th Skully’s Music Diner, Columbus OH  U.S.
Mon 10th Soundstage, Baltimore MD  U.S.
Tue 11th The Paradise, Boston MA U.S.
Wed 12thIrving Plaza, New York NY U.S.
Mon 17th Granada Theater, Dallas TX  U.S.
Tue 18th The Mohawk, Austin TX  U.S.
Wed 19th Warehouse Live, Houston TX  U.S.
Fri 21st Lunario del Auditorio Nacional Mexico City Mexico
Sun 23rd Carioca Club, Sao Paolo  Brasil
Mon 24th Roxy Live, Buenos Aires  Argentina
Thu 27th Blondie, Santiago  Chile
Sat 29th Cocos, Lima  Peru
Mon 15th Markthalle, Hamburg  Germany
Tue 16th Neue Theaterfabrik, Munich  Germany
Wed 17th E-Werk ( Erlangen), Hamburg Germany
Fri 19th Huxleys, Berlin Germany
Sat 20th Stodola, Warsaw Poland
Sun 21st The Roxy, Prague  Czech Republic
Mon 22ndBratislava, Majestic Music ClubSlovakia
Tue 23rd Durer Kert, Budapest Hungary
Thur 25th Campus Industry, Parma Italy
Fri 26th L’Usine / PTR, Geneva  Switzerland
Sat 27th Cabaret Sauvage, Paris  France
Sun 28th Live Music Hall, Cologne Germany
Tue 30th Da Roma, Antwerp Belgium
Wed  31st Melkweg, Amsterdam Netherlands
Fri 2nd Rock City, Nottingham UK
Sat 3rd O2 Academy, Leeds  UK
Sun 4th Northumbria University, Newcastle  UK
Tue 6th Barrowland, Glasgow* UK
Wed 7th Manchester Academy, Manchester UK
Fri 9th The Institute (The O2), Birmingham UK
Sat 10th O2 Academy, Bristol  UK
Sun 11th Guildhall, Southampton  UK
Tues 13th Corn Exchange, Cambridge  UK
Wed 14th UEA, Norwich  UK
Fri 16th O2 Academy, Oxford UK
Sat 17th Roundhouse, London UK
Tickets available from :
Tickets go on general sale on 13th April at 10:00 Local Time.
KILLING JOKE – 40 YEARS COLLECTION track listing – Vinyl and CD
Original studio albums with unreleased and alternate mixes plus 8 new tracks never released in any format.
Requiem, Wardance, Tomorrow’s World, Bloodsport, The Wait, Complications, S.O.36, Primitive
Bonus content : 
Nervous System, Turn To Red, Are You Receiving, Almost Red, Requiem (Malicious Demo), Wardance (Malicious Demo), Bloodsport (Malicious Demo), The Wait (Malicious Demo), Complications (Malicious Demo)
The Fall Of Because, Tension, Unspeakable, Butcher, Follow The Leaders, Madness, Who Told You How?, Exit
Bonus content : 
Follow The Leaders (Dub), Madness (Dub), The Fall Of Because (John Peel Session), Tension (John Peel Session), Butcher (John Peel Session), Unspeakable (Richard Skinner Session), Exit (Richard Skinner Session), Youth’s Idea! (UNRELEASED)
The Hum, Empire Song, We Have Joy, Chop-Chop, The Pandys Are Coming, Chapter III, Have A Nice Day, Land Of Milk And Honey, Good Samaritan, Dregs
Bonus content : 
We Have Joy (Alt Mix) Brilliant, The Hum (John Peel Session), Empire Song (John Peel Session) We Have Joy (John Peel Session), Chop Chop (John Peel Session), Birds Of A Feather, Sun Goes Down, Flock The B side
The Gathering, Fun & Games, Rejuvenation, Frenzy, Harlequin, Feast Of Blaze, Song & Dance
Dominator, Let’s All Go (To The Fire Dances), Lust Almighty
Bonus content:  Harlequin Single Edit (UNRELEASED), Me Or You, Wilful Days,Dominator (version), The Gathering  (alt mix), Dominator (John Peel Session), Frenzy (John Peel Session), Wilful Days (John Peel Session), Harlequin (John Peel Session)
Night Time, Darkness Before Dawn, Love Like Blood, Kings And Queens, Tabazan
Multitudes, Europe, Eighties
Bonus content
Eighties (Serious Dance Mix),A New Day, Kings and Queens Geordie Dub Mix, Blue Feather dub mix, Love Like Blood Alternate (7” version – UNRELEASED), Eighties (Kid Jensen Session), New Culture (Kid Jensen Session), Blue Feather (Kid Jensen Session), All Play Rebel (Kid Jensen Session)
Adorations, Sanity, Chessboards, Twilight Of The Mortal, Love Of The Masses,  A Southern Sky, Wintergards, Rubicon
Bonus content
Exile, Ecstasy, Victory, Adorations (12”) Sanity (Insane Mix) Adorations (7”) Sanity (instrumental)
America, My Love Of This Land, Stay One Jump Ahead, Unto The Ends Of The Earth, The Calling, Obsession, Tiahuanaco, Outside The Gate
Bonus Content
America (Extended Mix) Stay one Jump ahead (Extended Mix) Jihad, May Day, My Love Of This Land (Early Version), Obsession (Early Version), Unto The Ends of The Earth (instrumental), Stay one Jump ahead (Dub Mix)
Money Is Not Our God, Age Of Greed, The Beautiful Dead, Extremities, Intravenous, Inside The Termite Mound, Solitude, North Of The Border, Slipstream, Kaliyuga-Struggle
Bonus Content 
Inside The Termite Mound (Chainsaw Mix – UNRELEASED), Money Is Not Our God (Hideous Mix)
Pandemonium,Exorcism, Millennium, Communion, Black Moon, Labyrinth, Jana, Whiteout , Pleasures Of The Flesh, Mathematics Of Chaos
Bonus Content
Whiteout (Mark Radcliffe Session UNRELEASED), Exorcism (Mark Radcliffe Session UNRELEASED), Communion (Mark Radcliffe Session UNRELEASED),
Savage Freedom, Democracy, Prozac People, Lanterns, Aeon, Pilgrimage, Intellect, Medicine Wheel, Absent Friends, Another Bloody Election
Bonus Content
4 Stations Of The Sun, MASS, Drug, Hollywood Babylon
The Death & Resurrection Show, Total Invasion, Asteroid, Implant, Blood On Your Hands, Loose Cannon, You’ll Never Get To Me, Seeing Red, Dark Forces, The House That Pain Built
Bonus Content
Zennon, Inferno, Loose Cannon (Demo), Seeing Red (Jagz Kooner remix)
This Tribal Antidote, Hosannas From The Basements Of Hell, Invocation,
Implosion, Majestic,Walking With Gods, The Lightbringer, Judas Goat, After Burner, Gratitude
Bonus Content
Universe B, Afterburner (Remix)
Absolute Dissent, The Great Cull, Fresh Fever From The Skies, In Excelsis, European Super State,  This World Hell, Endgame, The Raven King, Honour The Fire, Depthcharge, Here Comes The Singularity, Ghosts Of Ladbroke Grove
Bonus Content
Kaliyuga, Ghosts Of Ladbroke Grove (dub), Suicide Tribe (UNRELEASED), I am war (instrumental – UNRELEASED)
Pole Shift, Fema Camp, Rapture, Colony Collapse, Corporate Elect, In Cythera, Primobile, Glitch Trance, On All Hallow’s Eve
Bonus Content
Feast of Fools, Fukushima (UNRELEASED), Tishya ( Colony Collapse demo- UNRELEASED), World Revolution (Pole Shift – UNRELEASED)
Autonomous Zone, Dawn Of The Hive, New Cold War, Euphoria, New Jerusalem, War On Freedom, Big Buzz, Delete, I Am The Virus, Into The Unknown,
Bonus Content
Plague, Snakedance (Original mix), Panopticon, Pneumatic (UNRELEASED)
Wardance (Big Paul Vocal Version – UNRELEASED), Change (Malicious Demo), Birds of a Feather (alternate mix – UNRELEASED), New Day 12 on 7, Eighties (Coming Mix) Bread and Jam, Ecstasy (Extended Mix), The Fanatic (Demo), Solitude (Demo), Another Cult Goes Down (Portobello Mix), Our Last Goodbye, Love Is The Law (UNRELEASED), Turn To Red (Youth Dub)