New Arch Enemy video: The Eagle Flies Alone

Everyone’s favourite Swedish extreme metal band Arch Enemy are back with a new album on September 8th. ‘Will To Power’ is the band’s first new studio album in three years and the second to feature Alissa White-Gluz. Ahead of the album, you can take a trip to the beach with the band in their new video ‘The Eagle Flies Alone’, streaming in full below.

It’s a busy time for Arch Enemy and an exciting time for fans of the band and their extra-curricular projects. In addition to a new Arch Enemy record, bassist Sharlee D’Angelo is also promoting recent material from Witchery – his side project with The Haunted founder Patrik Jensen.

Fans of huge riffs, rejoice. Their new single hits like a proverbial sledgehammer. Taken from their current album ‘I Am Legion’, ‘True North’ is a solid example of where the current line up’s musical interests lie, and band have decided to contrast decidedly hell-like riffs with contrasting wintery images. Crank up the sound and let them take you to a far away city of ice.