Get ready for another voyage across the Jet Black Sea…

In 2013, Jet Black Sea released their debut album ‘The Path of Least Existence’.  The project was essentially an outlet for Nine Stones Close guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Adrian Jones and studio engineer Michel Simons to release interesting musical ideas that didn’t quite fit the usual mould.  The end result often came across like a mix of a Pink Floyd ambient jam and the mellower end of Massive Attack’s downtempo trip-hop.

The album attracted a genuine cult following.  Those who heard it loved it.   Those who loved it wanted more.

Adrian went back to work with Nine Stones Close, but there were many rumours of a second Jet Black Sea being under construction.   Finally, Adrian brings some news and concrete evidence that the musical cogs have, indeed, been turning…and more creatively than anyone expected.

Michel and I have been really inspired again recently and have been writing loads of new music”, Adrian told Real Gone. “We are also putting the finishing touches to the final mix of the delayed second album, ‘Absorption Lines’. It would’ve been finished sooner but life just kept happening to us and we had a few let downs along the way.  We are finally getting there!

So what can fans expect from the much anticipated second album?  “It’s slightly more ‘song’ based than ‘The Path Of Least Existance’ and is also not completely instrumental this time. It also features a few guest musicians adding some extra flavours to some of the tracks.  We’ve got contributions from  Brendan Eyre, Tony Patterson, Adrian O’Shaugnessy and Pieter van Hoorn; a bunch of great people fans will recognise from the Nine Stones Close family tree. The artwork is done and we hope that this will finally be released in the coming couple of months, depending on the schedule of our label.

As if this were not good news enough, it seems the long wait might have been truly worth it:  “We are also almost finished recording the third album, which is really sounding great and it’s different again from the first two.  Hardened proggers will be thrilled to find out that number three is a concept piece.  It’s a concept which really grew out of the music itself, which in itself grew out of an audio experiment.  Adrian O’ Shaugnessy just flew in from Ireland to sing the vocals on the album and it’s sounding really fantastic. We hope to put the finishing touches to this one in the coming couple of months and aim to get it out later in the year, if at all possible.

Two Jet Black Sea albums in the space of a year.  Talk about being spoilt…

Adrian adds: “We are also already working on material for a fourth album, so we are not slackers after all!


‘Absorbtion Lines’ is expected to be released during Summer ’17.  In the meantime, you can read Real Gone’s thoughts on ‘The Path of Least Existence’ here.

Visit Jet Black Sea courtesy of the Nine Stones Close website here.