Check out the new video from Rooni

Back in 2012, Scandinavian retro-pop outfit Rooni released their ‘Pilot‘ EP, an enjoyable collection of songs that really brought out the best in vocalist Gustav Nilsson‘s talents. Aside from Rooni’s stand-alone single ‘Ambulance’ (released sometime the year before), the new material from Rooni was arguably the best that Nilsson had ever committed to tape.

A few years have passed, but Rooni are back with a new single, ‘Who You Are’ and you can watch the new video below. In Nilsson’s own words: “The band spent all their money in the studio, leaving them with a very limited budget for the music video. Half of the money was spent on shooting the video; the other half was invested in lots of strawberry jam and pancakes. Still turned out ok, don’t you think?”