Cassette Store Day 2014

As every music fan is aware by now, Record Store Day is held every April supposedly to encourage music buyers to visit their local independent store. In practice, this is a great idea – but the reality often means frustration for many. For every fan who seeks that special edition issued to mark the occasion, the event is often spoilt by chancers and dealers buying stuff up to hock on ebay later in the day. In some cases, these items appear on the world-famous internet auction site hours before the stores open, hours before the event has even begun, leading to the question of how many stores are even playing by the rules.

This September 27th, CASSETTE STORE DAY is a worldwide event promoting DIY releases from DIY labels, with exclusive releases made for the big day.

Cassettes are making a resurgence in the DIY music world, especially from punk oriented labels, with guys like King Pizza Records and Baldy Longhair Records choosing to deal almost exclusively in the small, square analogue format.

This Cassette Store Day features exclusive releases from Bright Light Bright Light and The Homosexuals, as well as a specially made 38 song compilation from the guys at Baldy Longhair Records and Fleeting Youth.

For more information visit the official Cassette Store Day website.


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