Deluxe Edition of Quo’s ‘Piledriver’ to be issued in March

On March 24th 2014, Universal Music will release a deluxe two-disc edition of Status Quo’s 1972 album ‘Piledriver’. Boasting the hit single ‘Paper Plane’, the album cemented Quo’s fascination with the three-chord boogie and became a long-standing fan favourite.

The deluxe edition adds a bonus disc featuring 15 BBC live recordings; seven from two different John Peel sessions between 1972-73, plus an eight song recording for ‘BBC In Concert’ from 1973.

Disc 1
01. Don’t Waste My Time
02. Oh Baby
03. A Year
04. Unspoken Words
05. Big Fat Mama
06. Paper Plane
07. All the Reasons
08. Roadhouse Blues

Disc 2
01. Don’t Waste My Time (Peel Session 1972)
02. Oh Baby (Peel Session 1972)
03. Unspoken Words (Peel Session 1972)
04. Paper Plane (Peel Session 1972)
05. Softer Ride (Peel Session 1972)
06. Paper Plane (Peel Session 1973)
07. Don’t Waste My Time (Peel Session 1973)
08. Junior’s Wailing (BBC In Concert 1973)
09. Someone’s Learning (BBC In Concert 1973)
10. In My Chair (BBC In Concert 1973)
11. Railroad (BBC In Concert 1973)
12. Don’t Waste My Time (BBC In Concert 1973)
13. Paper Plane (BBC In Concert 1973)
14. Roadhouse Blues (BBC In Concert 1973)
15. Bye Bye Johnny (BBC In Concert 1973)

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