DELUXE EDITION DREAMLAND: Quireboys – Live ’89-’90

In February 2011, approximately twenty one years after its original release, The Quireboys’ much-loved debut album ‘A Bit of What You Fancy’ was given an expanded reissue, adding a selection of unheard demo recordings.  While the release of these demos was most welcome – and indeed, the competitively priced reissue should have warranted a purchase for most curious listeners – at Real Gone, we feel this was an opportunity wasted.

That debut album has its moments, but The Quireboys’ main appeal was – and is – always in their live performances.  Back in the early 90s, EMI hastily issued a live album just prior to ‘Fancy’, culled from various early performances, but again, this didn’t give The Quireboys their full credit.

As part of our ongoing series, Real Gone would like to offer a suggestion of a deluxe edition bringing together three complete live shows from the ‘Bit of What You Fancy’ tour, three shows that currently reside in the archives in pristine, professionally recorded glory.   Two are definitely in the BBC vault, and since the BBC have allowed EMI access to archive live tapes for two retrospective sets by Marillion, a UFO box set and a glorious multi-disc Thunder set, it is surely time the early Quireboys sets were allowed to be handed over and given the same luxury…

The rough ‘n’ ready set recorded in the support slot for Aerosmith in November 1989 remains as thrilling as it ever did, while the sets from London’s Town & Country and the Monsters of Rock Festival in 1990 cement the band’s growing reputation.  Video footage of the Monsters of Rock set actually exists somewhere too but, aside from a couple of clips sourced from what looks like a second generation VHS, the complete set hasn’t been seen for years…if indeed at all.  It’s still out there – as such, it should certainly be featured as part of this Quireboys live package.

Calling the powers that be: are you listening?  There isn’t a Quireboys fan out there who wouldn’t put their hands in their pocket for this, assuming the price was right…

QBdeluxeTHE QUIREBOYS: Live 1989-1990

London, Hammersmith Odeon – 15/11/1989
01 Misled
02 Man On The Loose
03 Whippin’ Boy
04 Hey You
05 There She Goes Again
06 7 o’Clock
07 Sweet Mary Ann
08 Sex Party

London, Town & Country Club – 12/03/1990

09 Man On The Loose
10 Whippin’ Boy
11 Roses & Rings
12 Long Time Comin’
13 Sweet Mary Ann
14 I Don’t Love You Anymore
15 Sex Party
16 Take Me Home
17 Hey You
18 There She Goes Again
19 7 o’Clock
20 Mayfair
21 Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
22 Please Me
23 Hoochie Coochie Man

(Total time:  78.39)

Disc 2:
Donington, Monsters of Rock Festival – 18/08/1990
01 Right On Track
02 Misled
03 Man On The Loose
04 Whippin’ Boy
05 Roses And Rings
06 Long Time Coming
07 Sweet Mary Ann
08 I Don’t Love You Anymore
09 Sex Party
10 Take Me Home
11 Hey You
12 There She Goes Again
13 7 o’Clock
14 Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
15 Hoochie Coochie Man

(Total time: 58.23)

Disc 3: Donington, Monsters of Rock Festival – 18/08/1990 (DVD)
All details as disc 2 above.

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  1. Stonkingly good idea! All Quireboys fans would jump at it, What are we waiting for!??…………….

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