Real Gone Exclusive: New video from Young Hines

In 2012, singer-songwriter Young Hines released his debut solo album, the Brendan Benson produced ‘Give Me My Change’ via Readymade Records in the US and Lojinx in the UK/Europe.

In on-going promotion for the record, he now has a new video for the track ‘Don’t Break My Fall’, which can now be seen below.

Here are few words from Mr. Hines regarding the song:

“I wrote “Don’t Break My Fall” in that moment you are still in the
trenches, but can see beneficial change in the future. Not quite to
the change yet, but close as long as a tempting past doesn’t overtake
your attempt to move on. I didn’t think it would end up on my latest
album as it was the last song written to be considered for the album,
but producer Brendan Benson thought it was cool so there it is! We
recorded it pretty quick as I remember. Brad Pemberton on drums, Sam
Faraar on bass, Mark Watrous on guitar and myself on guitar and

When Readymade Films director Victor Reyes reached out to me about
doing a video for the song, he had a firm vision of the story he
wanted to capture onscreen. I admire that. I love when someone can
already see it because that’s how I do it. Never mentioning to him
what the song was inspired from, he basically nailed it in reverse but
with a twist. Actress Michele Richardson, plays the significant other
being taken for granted while another me, from a void, views his
regrets of the relationships trajectory. The actual filming was a
blast. We did some filming in Central Park but spent most of our time
in Washington Heights or WiHi. Some of the scenes where i am running
up behind her at night in a park nearly got me tazed by some locals. I
stayed with the director during the filming and spent most of my down
time working on new tunes on the fire escape overlooking the George
Washington bridge.”