Deluxe edition of Steve Winwood’s ‘Arc of a Diver’ due at the end of September

As part of their ‘Deluxe Edition’ series, Universal are set to re-issue Steve Winwood’s ‘Arc of A Diver’ next month.

The 1980 album was Winwood’s second solo release and marked the beginning of a run of hit albums for the respected singer/songwriter throughout the following decade.

The new 2CD version of the album features the original ‘Arc of a Diver’ in remastered form, plus a handful of bonus cuts on the second disc. ┬áThe title cut and ‘Spanish Dancer’ appear in “radio edit” form and the 12″ instrumental version of ‘Night Train’ is also included.

Of biggest interest to Winwood’s fans is the inclusion of the 60 minute audio documentary ‘Arc of a Diver: The Steve Winwood Story’, originally broadcast on BBC Radio 2 in March.

‘Arc of a Diver: Deluxe Edition’ is released in the UK on September 24th.