Slayer drummer’s new project released in May

The new project from Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo has an official US release date of May 15th. The album is released in the UK one day earlier.

The much anticipated new band, PHILM, features Lombardo playing alongside War bassist Pancho Tomaselli and Civil Defence man Gerry Nestler on guitar and vocals.  The album, entitled ‘Harmonic’ will be released on Mike Patton’s Ipecac label.

Confirmed track list:
01. Vitriolize
02. Mitch
03. Hun
04. Area
05. Way Down
06. Harmonic
07. Exuberance
08. Sex Amp
09. Amoniac
10. Held in Light
11. Dome
12. Killion
13. Mezzanine
14. Mild
15. Meditation 

PHILM will play a special release party gig on the 15th at the world famous Viper Room.  At this time, no other live shows have been confirmed.