JACK WHITE: Full Amex solo show

On April 23rd, Jack White released his much anticipated solo debut ‘Blunderbuss’. Following a legacy of work with The White Stripes and hugely enjoyable releases with The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather, ‘Blunderbuss’ had much to live up to…but White managed to pull all of his previous influences together, alongside a couple of new angles and release a cracker of a disc.

Prior to his gigs in the UK, just four days after the release of the album, White performed a full show at Webster Hall in New York, a show directed by Gary Oldman and seen by millions as a webcast. For those who missed it – or for those who loved it so much it needs to be seen again – Jack White’s VEVO channel have uploaded the complete set to YouTube.

One show.
Two sets.
New material alongside reworked familiarities.
What’s not to enjoy…?