Devin Townsend reveals track listing for next album

Barely weeks after the end of The Devin Townsend Project – albums, tour, full album shows and comprehensive box set – Devin Townsend is back in the studio.

His next album, due for release at some point during the first half of 2012, has a complete tracklisting announced.

The first of Townsend’s 2012 releases, ‘Epicloud’ is set to feature the following tracks:
Taurus / Animals / Liberation / Back Where We Belong / Save Our Now / Kingdom / Divine / Grace / More!  / Heatwave / Hold On /Angels 

‘Kingdom’ is a re-recording of a track which features much earlier during Townsend’s huge body of work, originally appearing on 2000’s ‘Physicist’.  It is not the first time Townsend has re-worked an existing recording – 2009’s ‘Addicted’ included a re-recorded version of ‘Hyperdrive’ which appeared on his ‘Ziltoid The Omnicient’ release just two years previously.

Later in 2012, Devin Townsend will release ‘By a Thread‘, a multi-disc box set chronicling the Devin Townsend Project’s November 2011 London shows.