Details revealed for deluxe edition of Paul McCartney’s ‘Ram’

Often cited as one of Paul McCartney’s finest post-Beatles works, ‘Ram’ is released as a super deluxe edition in May.

The 1971 release – the only one in McCartney’s vast catalogue to give Linda McCartney a co-credit – is very much a fan favourite, and includes the popular ‘Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey’.

While ‘Ram’ has been released on CD on various occasions, this 2012 release is the most comprehensive to date, spanning four CDs and a DVD. It also marks the first time a mono mix of the album has ever been made available.

In addition to both stereo and mono mixes of the complete ‘Ram’, fans can expect a handful of rarities and b-sides, and the orchestral ‘Thrillington’ release in its entirity, which includes reworkings of all ‘Ram’ tracks.

As with the previous McCartney super deluxe releases, the discs will be housed in a cloth-bound 128 page book.

For those who can’t afford the monster 5 disc release, ‘Ram’ will also be available as a standard issue, newly remastered CD, while vinyl fans will be given the opportunity to own the mono mix of the album on a brand new, limited vinyl release.