Metric to release 5th album in June

Canadian electronic pop/rock outfit Metric have announced the arrival of their fifth full length album.

‘Synthetica’ will be released offiicially on June 11th, although no tracklisting has been revealed at this time. ┬áThe band’s previous release, 2009’s ‘Fantasies’ was well received. ┬áTeaming up with Spotify, Metric promoted ‘Fantasies’ with a campaighn of heavy advertising which culminated in a limited offer of allowing fans to purchase a full album download for ninety nine pence.

Physical copies of the album were also released, beginning with a lavish special edition (available only via the Metric website) followed by a 2CD retail edition featuring some of the special edition content, a couple of acoustic tracks and a couple otherwise unavailable numbers.

It is not yet known whether the band intends to take a similar route to promote ‘Synthetica’.