Ex-Black Sabbath vocalist reveals touring band line-up

Tony Martin, the vocalist on six often maligned Black Sabbath albums released between the late 80s and mid 90s, has unveiled the line-up for his touring band.

The band, which is to tour under the name ‘Headless Cross’ (named after Sabbath’s 1989 release, and arguably the best known from Martin’s eight year tenure) will bring together the following hard rock talents:

Tony Martin (BLACK SABBATH, THE CAGE) – Vocals
Danny “Danté” Needham (VENOM) – Drums
Geoff Nicholls (ex-BLACK SABBATH) – Keyboards
Dario Mollo (VOODOO HILL, THE CAGE) – Guitar
Magnus Rosén (ex-HAMMERFALL) – Bass

The long-running collaboration between Martin and guitarist Dario Mollo entitled The Cage released their third studio album in January 2012. Martin also has plans to re-release his long out of print solo debut album – featuring Queen’s Brian May – though the exact details of when remain somewhat sketchy.