New Paramore ‘Singles Club’ track streaming online

A new track by Paramore, ‘In The Mourning’ can be streamed by clicking the YouTube link below.

The track is the third and final instalment from the band’s 2011 “Singles Club” where the band issued a new track per month between October and December.  The “Singles Club” was set up as a thank you to fans for sticking with the band throughout 2011 when no other studio material appeared.  [REAL GONE SAYS: Obviously they didn’t want to thank their fans too much, since they still charged money for the three downloads!]

Paramore are set to return to the studio in 2012 to begin work on a follow up to 2009’s multi-million selling ‘Brand New Eyes’.  It is not yet known whether the three downloads issued this year – ‘Renegades’, ‘Hello Cold World’ and ‘In The Mourning’ – will be included on the album, whether as part of the main release or as bonus tracks.