KORN: Pro-shot footage of complete 90 minute ‘Path of Totality’ launch show

Throughout the second half of 2011, the build-up to the release of Korn’s tenth studio album was loaded with tension. The band’s previous three albums ‘See You On The Other Side’, ‘Untitled’ and ‘Korn III: Remember Who You Are’ had not equalled the sales figures of Korn’s earlier works.  Each of those albums, too, had experienced a decline in sales figures compared to its immediate predecessor.

For that tenth album, entitled ‘The Path of Totality’, the nu-metal heroes looked to other influences and collaborators, teaming up with a bunch of dubstep producers to lend the Korn sound a much-needed new slant.  Fans were sceptical, the press intrigued. As far as collaborations are concerned, it’s certainly more accessible than the Lou Reed & Metallica animal. Even long-time metal haters NME conceded ‘The Path To Totality’ was an artistic success.

‘The Path To Totality’ was released in the UK on Monday December 5th and one day later in the US.  Below, you can enjoy the full 90 minute show from the Hollywood Palladium, celebrating the launch of the album.