Madness to premier new album live at weekend bash

Camden Nutty boys Madness are to unveil material from their upcoming tenth studio album at their Butlins weekender at the end of November.

As yet, the album is unfinished and doesn’t even have a name. The new material follows the band’s ‘Liberty of Norton Folgate’, the band’s last studio LP released back in 2009.

The ‘House of Fun Weekender’ will feature two live sets from Madness themselves, with support from Paul Heaton, Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip and others.

A four disc retrospective of past Madness work, entitled ‘A Guided Tour of Madness’ was released in September 2011.

Read a review of the band’s 1984 album ‘Keep Moving’ here.

REAL GONE says: While new material from Madness is always welcomed and we love the band rather a lot, we’d still like to hear the band’s explanation for the racist elements present on their 1982 opus ‘The Rise and Fall’…