Florence + The Machine: is new video racist?

The new video for Florence + The Machine’s new single ‘No Light, No Light’ has come under fire for potentially racist views.

The video depicts a man in black body paint practising voodoo – presumed evil, while Florence – presumably the good in the piece – suffers at the hands of the voodoo doll.

Various websites are now claiming the piece to be racist. It is unlikely this was Florence Welch’s intention, or the intention of the clip’s Icelandic directors Arni & Kinski.

Fans are naturally jumping to Welch’s defence, some with the argument that many of her key influences are black, so therefore she could not be racist.

Real Gone would like to play devil’s advocate here: not being racist isn’t as simple as that. Eric Clapton idolises dozens of blues legends. He even takes Buddy Guy on tour with him regularly. And yet, at a concert on August 6th 1976, he spouted what could be one of the most racist rants ever, worthy of an extreme right-wing political party. He has never apologised.

Below is the new Florence + The Machine video. Racist, misjudged or just overtly pretentious? You decide.