Green Day unveil a slew of new material

At a last minute show in California last week, Green Day surprised fans with a set of largely unheard material.

It is believed that ‘Amy’ (penned just a week before the show) is the band’s tribute to Amy Winehouse who died on July 23rd.  Lyrics regarding walking away from alcohol and “blood stained shoes” add weight to the notion that the song was written to mark her passing.

During a full-length set, the band played no fewer than 15 new songs, suggesting that work on their next album has been incredibly fruitful.  The set closed with an encore containing hits and more familiar songs.

GREEN DAY – Tiki Bar, 1700 Placentia, Costa Mesa, California – August 11th 2011 – SET LIST:

‘Nuclear Family’
‘Stay The Night’
‘Too Young To Die’
‘Oh Love’
‘Carpe Diem’
‘Crushing Bastards’
‘Little Boy Named Train’
‘Trouble Maker’
‘Sweet 16’
‘Wow, That’s Loud’
‘8th Avenue Serenade’
‘Wild One’
‘It’s Fuck Time’
‘Stray Heart’
‘Last Gang In Town’
‘Goodbye To Romance’ (Ozzy Osbourne cover)

‘Welcome To Paradise’
‘Murder City’
‘J.A.R. (Jason Andrew Relva)’
‘Only Of You’
‘Hitchin’ a Ride’
‘St. Jimmy’