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This 5 track EP from Florida based band The Truth was self-produced and sounds like it was put together on a budget of $3.75. The production is extremely flat; the guitars are way too loud and the drums sound hollow and lifeless. Maybe bringing in an outside producer might’ve helped, guys…

Add to this a screaming, gobshite vocalist who’s about as tuneful as fingernails on a blackboard and you’ve got The Truth. As a band, they definitely aren’t shy in showing their influences – they are desperate to be Queensrÿche and so far, they’ve made a worse job of it than Fates Warning and let’s face it, Fates Warning were always a bit shite. They say imitation is the best form of flattery, but if I were Queensrÿche, I’d go to Florida and give this lot a good kicking.

Those of you who feel I’m being a little unfair as ‘the band have put this together themselves’ should keep schtum and check out the self-financed CD ‘Dogs’ by Bone Machine and see how well melodic rock can be done without the aid of a label and only a small budget.

Avoid The Truth at all costs. By thinking they could have a career with this old toss, they’re living a lie.

Originally written for Fastlane magazine, Summer 1995.

6 thoughts on “THE TRUTH – Believe

  1. And to think that Fraser Meldrum (he of AOR Classics magazine fame) thought this lot were quite good! Quote: "I had to agree that this was quite a nice find". I think the lead singer Buster Cherry should've been named Buster Nutt. Oh well, one mans shine is another mans shite.

  2. Absolutely. Have to say though, as a fan of prog metal, these guys had to be one of the worst I'd ever heard.

  3. LOL great when no talent shits say their piece the TRUTH were a great band who worked like hell on stage

    • You’ve got connections with the band though, have you not? That makes your opinion far from impartial, “Dizzy” (aka Michael).

      At the time of this album’s release – what feels like a hundred years ago now – I never met anyone who liked it. You may have been involved with a great live band – I’ll have to take your word for that, as biased as it may be – but the record was a genuine dud.

      You may think I’m a “no-talent shit”, but it says something that this was one of the only albums I’ve ever reviewed where I found it to be so bad, I couldn’t summon up enough enthusiasm to bother explaining why at any great length.

      Hey, if the band would like to send us mp3s of the long forgotten and hard-to-find release, maybe I could have another go at pulling it apart in explicit detail!

  4. no actually I don’t i saw them when they were on tour opening for Kansas, there are quite a few forums with folks who loved this cd and I was one of them . too bad instead of being useful to the music scene you just spew crap

    • For the benefit of others, here’s a quote from Dizzy Payne’s (aka Michael Clayton Moore)’s online biography:

      “Michael has been performing professionally for over 20 years.

      He has performed as a rock front man, as a tenor with the Palm Beach Opera and has performed musical theater/classical favorites for audiences all around the United States.

      He has written and performed his original solo and collaborative works both as a solo acoustic guitar performer and with critically acclaimed original bands :
      The Truth” ,“Random Play”, “Contrarian”
      and “Arctic Flame”.

      Stop making a fool of yourself.

      You are now considered barred, chum. See ya.

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