Mixing skate punk, pop punk, melodic hardcore and scratchy 80s indie, Denmark’s Forever Unclean delve into a melting pot of sounds that can turn on a sixpence. It’s will full credit to the band that such a varied sound works as well as it does; if any of the musicians were in any way slack, the tunes on their 2018 EP ‘Woof’ could fall apart in an instant.

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Watch ‘Bruma’, the new video from Scandinavian blackgazers MØL

Lots of the pre-release whispers have suggested the upcoming album from Danish metal outfit MØL is something special. Blending elements of black metal with a shoegaze wall of sound, the band create music that isn’t always easy, and yet there’s something about its coldness that’s both cinematic and captivating.

A perfect fit for their epic sound, the new video for ‘Bruma’ has a scope and coldness that could really draw you in.

The official press release, along with the full video, can be found below.

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